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dental implants westchester countyExpert Westchester NY Dental Implants Dr. Paul Greco and Hartsdale Family Dental Team

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Dental implants look and feel natural when done by Dr. Greco at Hartsdale Family Dental.

Unfortunately when a grown-up loses a tooth, a new one doesn’t replace it like it does as a child. The subsequent defect in an individual’s smile can inhibit one’s confidence and self esteem, and also be damaging in being able to bite and chew food properly.

To fix the gap, dental implants provide a permanent substitute for missing teeth, and when properly positioned will appear and function just like your natural teeth. Hartsdale Family Dental offers the Westchester County NY areas around Hartsdale, Scarsdale, White Plains, Ardsley and Elmsford with superior quality dental implants put in by a renowned New York dentist.

Westchester dental implants with Dr. Paul Greco’s Hartsdale Family Dental team are custom made precisely to offer a natural looking implant with the appropriate texture,

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The replacement tooth is held in place by a titanium metal post anchored into the jawbone.

coloring, and shape to effectively integrate into your smile. With over a decade experience as a New York dental implants team, Hartsdale Family Dental accepts nothing but flawless implant placement for patients.

Initially a small titanium metal post is situated into the patient’s jawbone where the tooth is missing. The bone of the jaw then grows around the titanium post, making it extremely stable. The titanium post then serves as a stable fit for the replacement tooth, which is custom made to fill the space from the lost tooth. The dental implant’s final appearance looks completely natural and feels the same way.

The dental implant can serve to either support dentures or dental bridges, or can substitute for a missing tooth. The implants work just like real teeth while being extremely attractive. Dental implants are a marriage of superior form and function in your mouth.

When it comes to finding a Westchester NY dental implant doctor, skill and experience are crucial. There is a significant amount of technical skill needed for the best result for your mouth’s appearance and function. Trust the best implant dentist in New York… Dr. Paul Greco and his team at Hartsdale Family Dental!

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